Additional options for your Craigslist real estate ads with RealBird

Some of you have asked for it so now you can configure the RealBird Craigslist ad generator and decide whether to include a single photo only or multiple photos on your Craigslist postss.

Perfect for A/B testing: post one ad on Craigslist with multiple photos and then one of the same with a single photo a week later and see which one generates more click-throughs to your RealBird single property website and which one eventually brings more inquiries.

Below are the screenshots showing how to set this option when generating your Craigslist ad with RealBird.

Multiple photos enabled (default option):


Single photo only in your Craigslist post:


You can access your Craigslist post code generator from your RealBird member area on the "Listing Marketing" page.

We hope you like this new feature !

Happy Labor Day !

— The RealBird Team 

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