Top 5 city names that are still available for the RealBird Mobile Real Estate Websites

Mobile-real-estate-site-1Wow ! 805 mobile real estate websites have been registered since Tuesday on RealBird, in only 3 days ! Amazing feedback on this new RealBird service. Thanks everybody.

Here is an overview of some of the best practices:

  • Try to keep the domain name as short as possible
  • Download the QR code that is automatically generated for your mobile domain name and "tag" your print materials with it. Make it part of your flyer designs
  • Make sure that you also print the domain name itself. Don't assume that everybody can or want to use a QR scanner app on their mobile phone just yet, even though more and more people are familiar with it. Use a double approach: use the QR code for techy customers and to set yourself apart from your competition but also use the domain name in print advertising
  • Add your social media links to your RealBird account via the Profile page. Your social media icons with links will be added to the bottom of your profile that is provided on each mobile screen. Hint: if you want to link to your Facebook Business Page rather than your personal FB account, save the full Url of the Facebook Business Page.
  • Since the competition for good domain names is pretty intense, register a "good enough" domain name first, then search for better ones. Once you registered one, you can try to update it with a shorter version and if it is not available, the original one will still belong to you. So feel free to play with the domain name options once you registered one. Please note that the QR code will change every time you update your domain name so make sure you do this before printing your QR code.

Having that said, below are 5 very short, very recognizable city abbreviations that are still available for registration:

  1. – LA is a well-known abbreviation for Los Angeles, a no-brainer
  2. – SF is also a well-known abbreviation for San Francisco
  3. – no explanation required, everybody knows that NYC stands for New York City 
  4. – Philadelphia, needless to say
  5. – South Beach, Miami Beach – very well known among locals

By the time you read this post, they may be reserved (they are going fast) but they were still available when we listed them here.

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