Upcoming SMS marketing features for RealBird

Since we launched the first version of the SMS keyword marketing tool for your RealBird listings a few days ago, we have received many positiv replies from RealBird members and also some feature requests. We thought it's easier to summarize the upcoming SMS features in a blog post and then share this article. Below are the upcoming SMS features that we are planning to add very soon:

  1. SMS notifications for important events
    Often, timely response to an online prospect is what turns them into actual clients. Currently we notify you only via email on important events such as request for more information on your listing or from your RealBird search, client registration on your website etc. It may takes hours before you see these emails. We are going to add an option so that you can receive an instant SMS notification as well on your own phone with the contact's phone number if provided so that you can contact them immedietaly, even from the road.
  2. SMS keyword for your RealBird mobile site as well
    Adam Waxler from uKeepCommision asked for the same SMS keyword marketing option to be available for your RealBird Mobile Website. It's a great idea and we'll implement it ASAP.
  3. Adding your call-to-action SMS marketing message to your print flyers and online ads:
    While the biggest value of the SMS keyword marketing is at offline locations, where users can't click on your links at all (print flyers, sign riders etc.) there can be some home buyers who would send the text code to your number for more information and with the contact's phone capturing ability of SMS marketing, it only makes sense that we add your SMS call-to-action message to your online ads as well. There will be a configuration option for this, in other words, you'll be able to turn this on and off, but we should provide you with this option should you decide to add SMS capability to your Craigslist ad for example. Jim Nealis from Re/Max asked for this feature. 
  4. More customization options of the text message returned to your home buyer prospect
    Currently, when a prospective home buyer sends your SMS keyword to your Twilio phone number, we return your RealBird listing's basic information (type, beds, baths, price, status), a short link to your RealBird mobile property website and your phone number, which is your default number in your RealBird profile. With the new configuration options, you will have a different phone number option (other than your default RealBird phone) and you'll be able to add a nickname to include in the message. E.g.: Please call [agentname] at [custom phone number] for more info. Thanks for Daniel & Jasmina Zivkovic for this request.

Did you know? A cool feature of the current RealBird SMS keyword marketing tool is that if home buyers mistype your code or the listing is no longer available on RealBird, we still capture the lead for you and return a special message to the home buyer with your RealBird phone number included.  


— The RealBird Team

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