Consumer Questions Feed, Social Bookmarking, RSS Feed Support

We added a couple of cool features to RealKi during this weekend:

Questions feed

If there are no matching articles for a search term, consumers can request it by filling out a "Question" form for the topic. The question feed is then syndicated via RSS. Real estate experts who are subscribed to this feed can create an encyclopedia article by following the link in the feed.

Check out for more info and latest consumer requests.

Or subscribe to the RealKi Question Feed directly and get notified on new article requests.

Social Bookmarking

Readers can bookmark and share articles via online bookmarking services. A bookmark bar is now available at the bottom of every page on RealKi. Bookmark the RealKi main page e.g  at

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the icon of your preferred bookmarking service.

RSS feed extension

We have installed a wiki extension to support RSS feed inclusion into any page. This makes the most sense on personal and business profiles and neighborhood pages. Having feeds streamed into wiki pages makes a lot of sense in our opinion as it can extend the facility of static profile pages with dynamic information and cross-site posting. For example: Check out our corporate profile at

Syntax help on how to embed your feed into an article can be found here

One more thing: if you are a Real Estate Professional registered with RealKi, make sure, that you fill in your profile with contact information, bio and so on. Now every article you create or modify has a link back to your RealKi profile. Get the exposure you deserve for your contribution efforts. To update your profile, login to RealKi and click the first link on the left sidebar under the "Personal Tools" section. You can edit your profile page the same way as you do with any other pages on RealKi

As always, keep sending us your feedback and opinion.

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