Don’t be that agent who let me run by the property without capturing my contact information

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I went for a run this morning in the neighborhood and saw a beautiful property for sale along my route. I was interested to see the details and photos of the home, but unfortunately – as it is the case too many times – the flyer box was empty. A snapped a few photos just to make the point, one shown below. I masked the actual listing broker’s info, because the point here is not to single out a particular company, but to demonstrate how easy, cost-effective and no-brainer it could be to provide 24×7 access to property information via Homes By SMS sign riders in order to grow your buyers database, better serve sellers and win more listings.

Empty real estate flyer box

With both our all-inclusive Homes By SMS service and with our DIY RealBird PRO SMS marketing, you can easily solve the “empty flyer box” problem and in the process gain the following benefits:

  1. Capture buyer leads and grow your buyer side business using your current listing, 24×7: I am not in the market for this particular property (it was way too big for me), but I am interested in this neighborhood enough as a potential buyer, that I would have inquired about the details had they provided an SMS text code on their sign rider. Although the agent’s/broker’s phone number was listed on the sign, I was not ready to talk to them over the phone directly, but would have taken a quick break during my run to text for automated, instant info. By not providing me with a way to do so, they missed out on adding me to their buyers database.
  2. Win more listings: bring the SMS sign rider to your listing interview. Point 1 directly leads to this benefit. Sellers do see the empty flyer boxes in front of their homes for sale as well! In many cases, they are the ones alerting the agent to this fact. Imagine telling the above story at a new listing interview, while showing the seller your actual SMS marketing sign rider that you’ll use at their house, demonstrating how you are going to solve the “empty flyer box” problem, separating you from the crowd of other agents who “can’t be bothered” to deal with this issue.

If the two clear benefits above are not worth $45/months as a real estate marketing expense, I am not sure what is. I think it is an easy decision (yes, I am biased, but still…) With Homes By SMS, you can solve both of the problems listed above and with this all-inclusive service, the low monthly fee covers the cost of text messaging up to 100 leads each month and we provide you with the reusable sign rider, shipped to you. If this was not convincing enough, then another unique benefit of using an SMS text code marketing system (vs. QR codes, listing domain names etc.) is that the SMS system captures the home buyer information for you right away, at first interaction, including name, phone number, email and many times, demographics information. This is a huge value in itself.

Don’t be that agent who let me run by the property without capturing my contact information 🙂

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