Case Study 1 – Real estate video production

We are starting a new series of real estate video production related case studies and tutorials to demystify the technology for the benefit of real estate professionals and consumers alike.

Producing and publishing real estate digital videos is way easier and more cost effective than it used to be even a few years ago- using low cost hardware, easy to use software plus sharing platforms such as YouTube, Yahoo Video and growing number of other video sites. Having high speed internet access available for the masses makes video uploading and sharing a reasonably quick process. Finally, the support for embedding videos from YouTube and other video sites by listing marketing tools such as the RealBird Publisher closes the production loop nicely.

Case Study #1
Real Estate Video in 15 minutes from shooting to publishing

Thanks for Christopher Thiemet for the first case study.

Author: Real estate agent Christopher Thiemet
Camera used: Canon A620 – 7.1 megapixel
Editing: IMovie on MacBook Pro
Video sharing site: YouTube
Online listing publishing service: RealBird Publisher

Total production time: 15 minutes (shooting, editing, uploading to YouTube and publishing via RealBird)

You can see the result here:

If you’d like to participate in this series please email us the details of your real estate video production including equipment and software used, tips and tricks, and challenges you had to overcome.

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