The 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Course is open again! But this time at a DEEP discount!

12 Weeks To Luxury Real Estate Training Course

We are pleased to let you know that the 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Training Course by Janie Coffey is now available and accepting new members.

You can now access the recording of Janie’s last course and interact with her and other members. There is over 12 recordings totaling more than 18 viewing hours of training and hundreds of agents, many of them who are RealBird members too, already participated.

But there is more! You can now SAVE $1,800 over the live course’s fee. That’s right, the recording of the live course and unlimited access to the exact same material now only costs $197 (instead of $1,997 fee of the live course).

Use this link to signup at this special early bird price. Prices of the recorded course will be set at my regular fee of $297, in a few days, so come and join today and save!

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Janie Coffey at

Join and learn the ins and outs of luxury real estate from Janie Coffey

Janie Inspires

P.S. What makes her qualified to teach this luxury real estate course? See the website for her credentials and to read testimonials. With the 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, you have no risk to try the course. Come and join today!

About Course Classes

The 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Training is now a self-paced course and it consists of 12 core classes that cover everything from the mental mindset of a luxury agent, through farming for and marketing luxury listings, price strategy, growing your team and many, many more topics. With unlimited access, you can watch and learn from these videos as often as you wish. Topics include:

  • Week 1 – Mythbusting, Mindset and Powering Up
  • Bonus Session – Top 10 Things to do in the Holidays to Boost your Business in the New Year
  • Bonus Session – How to determine the top 1, 5 and 10% of your market
  • Week 2 – Farming for Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 3 – Sphere of Influence Marketing for Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 4 – Expireds for Luxury Real Estate
  • Bonus Session – Guided Visualization for Success
  • Week 5 – Marketing the Listing in Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 6 – Growth Planning, Teams, VAs and More
  • Week 7 – The Materials of the Luxury Agent
  • Week 8 – Niche Marketing for Luxury Real Estate
  • Week 9 – Creating Amazing Experiences and Expectations for Clients
  • Week 10 – Everything About Price!
  • Week 11 – Finances, Numbers, Costs
  • Bonus Session – With Colton Lindsey on Financial Freedom
  • Week 12 – All About Brand (yours and your brokerage’s)

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