Using your featured listings board widget as a standalone marketing site

Jim Smith Featured Listings Board

Jim Smith has a great example of using the RealBird Featured Listings Board which is automatically created for your listings as a standalone marketing site. We just released a small update that highlights pending and sold listings a bit more to separate them from the currently active listings.

Jim mapped a custom domain name, and forwarded it to his RealBird Featured Listings Board and as a result he has an easy to remember link to share with current and future sellers.

Here are the simple steps to achieve the same result for your own listings:

  1. Publish your current for-sale or rental properties and optionally your pending and sold listings on RealBird
  2. Get the Url of the automatically created Featured Listings Board at in the RealBird member area on the Listings Widget page
  3. Get a domain name through the RealBird domain name store. We are now running a promotion for the next week, and you can get a .info domain name for only $2.99 (instead of the regular price of $17.99)
  4. Once you have your domain name purchased, you can forward it to the RealBird Url that you copied in step 2 using these instructions

Since the point of having a domain name mapped to your RealBird Listings Board is for easy sharing and branding, keep the domain names short and memorizable so that you can also use it on print marketing, not just as a link on emails or web pages. Domain names are case insensitive so make it readable like on print materials.

We actually own the domain name and if you finished reading this post and got to this point of the article and you are a real estate agent in NY state and while you are a RealBird PRO member, we are happy to point this domain name to your featured listings. First come, first serve 🙂 If the link already points to an agent’s listings instead of RealBird, you are too late, someone already claimed it.

As always, let us know what you think.

— The RealBird Team

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