Facebook Page Real Estate application updated

Facebook will roll out an update for the Facebook Page layouts on August 23. "Boxes" will be eliminated and the custom tabs content area will be reduced to 520px wide. In fact, we already saw these changes on our own RealBird Facebook Page so we decided to not wait until the last minute:

The RealBird Facebook Page Real Estate application is now updated to provide the photowall FBML code optimized for the 520px width. 

Facebook Page Real Estate RealBird Application

If you have been using this RealBird feature already, you can just overwrite the existing FBML code with the new one or add it fresh from the RealBird member area (Widgets>Lisitng Widgets). 

To learn about this feature and other ways to utilize the RealBird platform, please 
join us at the next RealBird Webinar on August 18, from 9 AM to 10 AM (Pacific Time)

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