iPromote premium listing marketing is now integrated with RealBird

We are pleased to announce our partnership with iPromote – an innovative, one-click display advertising solution provider that lets you convert your RealBird property websites into standard-size banner ads and distribute them on major networks like MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Facebook. 

How does it work?
With the current feature release, an iPromote icon is provided on the listing management page for each of your listings in the RealBird member area (see image below) Clicking the icon pops up a preview panel, then clicking the "Next" button redirects to the iPromote configuration page. The banners are automatically created and they are preset with your property's photos, the title and the link back to your RealBird single property website. iPromote's innovative WebpageToAds(tm) technology automatically creates different, standard-size banner ads. No extra steps are required on your side. Easy and powerful. The banners are great looking photo slideshows – optimized for engaging visitors and encouraging click-throughs.

iPromote button on RealBird

There are further customization options for those of you who would like to set geographic targeting, adjusting the banners' photos and the call-for-action message. See the marked options on the screenshot below. You can edit the banner ad's content using the "Edit your ad" button, target local geographics by changing the settings under the "Target Audience" section, set your "Promotion Budget" by adjusting the daily maximum spend and the price-per-click values.

How much does it cost?
iPromote is a pay-per-click ad solution. You only pay when somebody actually clicks through to your property website. One of the great features of iPromote is that their ad delivery network enables you to set your daily spending budget and the amount you are willing to pay for a click. The minimum is $0.10 per click with a minimum of $5/day daily spending limit. You can run low-cost trial campaigns without committing to high upfront spending. This is a big thing. Usually, advertising on premium networks like Facebook, MSN, Yahoo etc. requires a higher level of commitment. With iPromote, you can advertise your listings on the same networks at a very affordable rate. Based on the results, you can fine tune and adjust your budget and geographic targeting.   

Other ways to use iPromote
You can also use iPromote to advertise your website, real estate blog and even your RealBird Property Search service. Just visit our co-branded iPromote interface and enter your website (blog etc.) Url in the box. Click the "Create my ads" button and iPromote takes care of the rest. You will be able to customize the banners and campaign settings, the same way as with your property website campaigns.


Finally, as with most online marketing, you have two goals to achieve: The obvious one is to reach as many potential home buyers with your listing information as possible. The second one is to impress your current and future sellers. Make sure that you let them know that you are using iPromote and RealBird in order to provider their listings the maximum possible exposure. You will look dedicated, tech and marketing savvy, and will stand out of the crowd. 

Disclaimer: We have a revenue sharing partnership with iPromote. Whenever you purchase an ad campaign via our co-branded iPromote interface, we make money as well.

— Zoltan 




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