Oodle classifieds – and your RealBird listings – are coming to Facebook

Oodle announced on December 2 that they reached an agreement with Facebook for powering Facebook’s classified ads system, just like they do with MySpace already. The specifics of the implementaition is not yet known but I assume it will utilize the relationships inherent to the Facebook platform. Oodle is planning a Q1 2009 release so we should know more soon.

The good news for RealBird users is that the listings syndicated through RealBird will automatically be included through our existing distribution to Oodle.

We’ll post more details as soon as we have more information.

— Zoltan

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  1. Zoltan-
    Always more good news from you and the rest of the RealBird team. I’m a Facebook member, so you should be able to pass that information along to Oodle and FaceBook if you create a field in my profile for FaceBook ID.
    Thanks for keeping RealBird at the head of the pack.

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