QR codes for your real estate property flyers with RealBird

QR-RealBird-Property-Flyer We've added QR code support to the RealBird single property websites over the weekend. QR codes are compact barcodes that can encode all different kinds of information. They can be read by scanners, mobile phones with camera and smartphones. In our implementation, the automatically generated QR codes encode your RealBird single property websites' Urls and after scanning them with an iPhone for example, consumers can get access to your listing information instantly.

So why is this useful? You may want to use the QR codes of your listing information at places where you have limited space for sharing text and links and/or entering long Urls into mobile devices is inconvenient or impossible for consumers. QR codes are perfect for adding additional information to sign riders, printed property flyers, business cards, listing cards (i.e. business cards printed for individual listings), listing mailers. I am sure many innovative and unexpected ways of using QR codes will appear in real estate, but the following are the direct benefits:

  1. Providing convenient, additional information: Attach your QR codes (e.g. printed on stickers) to your sign riders and flyer boxes. Even if you run out of printed flyers, tech-savvy consumers can still load your RealBird listing website via their smartphones with only a few clicks
  2. Winning more listings: Just like with any other new, emerging technologies, you can showcase your marketing and tech savviness to your prospective sellers. For example, you can print a QR code via RealBird for one of your existing listings and demonstrate the service at a listing interview by simply showing how easily you can load the mobile listing website with your iPhone. If I were the seller, I would be impressed for sure.

How to get your RealBird QR codes:

  1. Log in to your RealBird account
  2. Visit the "Listing Management" page
  3. For each listings, below the primary picture, a preview of the QR code is provided. Below the preview, there are two links: one for downloading a small version of the QR code and one for a large QR code image, suitable for printing

The QR code feature is available for both US and Canadian listings in RealBird and there is now additional setup required. Just log in and get the QR codes instantly.

What's next? We are going to extend the mobile platform capabilities of RealBird and we will also make it easier for you to actually order QR code stickers and other materials from within RealBird so please, stay tuned for the upcoming updates. 

As always, your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.






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  1. I started using the QR code on the W SoBe Penthouse marketing yesterday.. Any idea how small these QR codes can get and still be functional? I’d like to begin placing them on individual property business cards.
    PS. Can you add a ‘Profile’ QR bar code so anyone scanning a personal business card would be directed to the RealBird agent page ‘Personal Profile?’

  2. Ashton – Printed QR stickers are now available on the listing management page and we are working on something that will help you with what you requested.
    Jeff & Grace – Thanks !!! We are glad that you like it.

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