RealBird Testimonial of the Week

Our day is always made when we receive a success story from one of our members. After all, the bells and whistles of the RealBird platform is only as good as the real, closed business they generate for you.

Below is an actual testimonial from Denise Hamlin of Iowa City, Iowa that we received yesterday (highlight by us)

Iowa City Homes for Sale

"Today I had my fifth closing this year from leads from Realbird. In fact, I have more leads from Realbird than any other source. (Not all of them result in sales of course, that would be too much to expect). Buyers seem to like the interface and search experience with Realbird. Since it's branded it's easy for them to contact me too. Add to the buyer experience all the features that Realbird offers agents you really get a lot of bang for the buck. Buyers want a simple way to search for homes. Realbird offers that. Agents want lots of bells and whistles. Realbird has got that too. I am big on trying new ways to reach clients on the Internet and to date Realbird has been the most effective method I've found. (And least expensive). The great thing is that I know they are always trying to improve the system too. They have a cutting edge way of approaching real estate marketing and sales and I'm more than happy to tag along and profit from their expertise. I have been a Realbird Pro member since December 2009 and would recommend them to others in a heart beat."

Denise – Thank you very much for sharing your success story with us. 

Please take a look at Denise's Iowa City real estate blog and see how she implemented the RealBird map-based real estate search on the homepage. You can also follow her on Twitter or fan her Facebook Real Estate Page.

If you have your RealBird Success Story, please share it with us, we have plenty of more days to be made !


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