Social sharing feature upgraded on the RealBird single property websites

With the latest update released today, all RealBird single property websites got a new social bookmarking component. We switched from our own social bookmark links to using ShareThis – the leading social bookmarking add-on for blogs. With ShareThis, the bookmarking links on the listing websites are always up-to-date, more extensive in selection and the user interface is more attractive. The rotating icon is also a good eye-catcher and invites visitors to check out and use the feature. ShareThis also records statistics of usage and hopefully via their API we will be able to report it back to you. This is to be developed, but it will be interesting information to provide.

ShareThis also allows you to post your listing on your social network profiles including Facebook and MySpace. The actual end result depends on the platform, but I suggest to take the extra few minutes per listing to share it through this new tool on as many places as you can.

See it live on this Palm Springs, CA property website

— Zoltan Szendro

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