Smiling Faces: video montage of RealBird members

We have created two Animoto movies; this time we are using the photos and logos of many, randomly selected RealBird members. (For those of you who did not make it in these cuts, we’ll post more Animoto movies later with different pictures.) The photo selection process was random and the selection was only limited by the resources we had: we uploaded hundreds of photos and the unique and amazing slideshow generation feature of Animoto further randomized it based on the pattern of the music selected. You can see that the videos using different music styles generate distinct presentations:

Video with French chanson style music
Artist: Bruno Stimart   Title: Hello Madame

Video with jazzy, downbeat music with some latin vibes
Artist: Mettle Music   Title: Nubuck

Like the videos? Feel free to grab them and post them on your own blog (use the Post it button on the top left corner of the video).

I would be very interested to hear some innovative ideas on how to best utilize this technology for real estate presentations. Carson at had some ideas. I was thinking maybe using Animoto with photos of the agents of a particular brokerage for corporate presentations and multimedia. Any ideas?

Make sure you check out Animoto. And of course, just like with any other video types, you can embed your Animoto video into your RealBird listing sites.

Have fun with Animoto !

— Zoltan Szendro

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