Case Study 2 – real estate video production

This one is from Christopher Thiemet again.

Christopher reports that he improved his video production process compared to the previous one:

  1. Process is getting faster. It only took him an hour to upload the entire listing to the MLS and publish it via RealBird including shooting, editing and uploading the video.
  2. This time, he did a voice-over on the audio directly within iMovie to remove extra background noise. This  is good: It also enables the editor to redo the audio portion separately from the video. Quick iterations in the process can help you get the best quality audio and video mix and one can redo the voice over later on to clarify the message if needed.

Author: Real estate agent Christopher Thiemet
Camera used: Canon A620 – 7.1 megapixel
Editing: IMovie on MacBook Pro
Video sharing site: YouTube
Online listing publishing service: RealBird Publisher

Final video:

If you have a real estate video case study to share, please send it to We will post it on this blog as soon as we can. Please include the camera used, computer platform and the video editor software. Please include also the production time, including shooting, editing and publishing.

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