Craigslist real estate ads with branded listing photos and text code marketing

While Craigslist does not allow most HTML formatting anymore in ads, there are plenty of ways to enhance your Craigslist advertising using your RealBird listing marketing tools. We just updated the Craigslist code generator to make it easier for you to post enhanced ads using your RealBird serive:

Use branded property photos to watermark your listing photos with your own brand. It’s always a good practice to promote yourself, while promoting your listing. Of course, focus should be on the listing marketing but you should also provide as much contact information and branding as possible. Using the automatically branded listing photos with RealBird on Craigslist helps you do just that.

We now also provide a quick access to the listing QR code image in the ad generator. While the value of using the QR code on online advertising (vs print ads) is limited, it will not hurt and we suggest to upload it as the last photo in the Craigslist editor.

Finally, if you have the RealBird SMS text-code marketing system set up, a text messaging call-for-action message is also automatically included with your Craigslist post. In general, the more ways you provide your prospect to get additional information and contact you, the better.

Using the automatically generated Craigslist code with RealBird not only helps you enhance your Craigslist real estate posts, but also saves you time and provides you additional branding.

To get started, just head over to your RealBird dashboard and give the new Craigslist code generator a try. You’ll find it on the listing marketing page or on the Quick Share page.

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