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Publisher_montageWe have released an update of the RealBird Publisher listing marketing tool. RealBird members can now create unlimited virtual tours or online property fliers within minutes with a photo slide-show, rich text description, neighborhood info and pretty much any type and any number of embedded media, such as video, Flash slide shows, audio.

Of course, mapping is still core part of the user interface, but you can now create a full featured listing presentation with some advanced options not available with any other services.

Below are the unique features of the RealBird Publisher. I only list those which we believe we are the first ones to introduce.

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  • Embed any type and any number of 3rd party media. RealBird supports real estate videos, Flash slide-shows, audio and pretty much any other 3rd party media. You can include such content via the embed, object or iframe tags. Sources can be  YouTube, Google Video, TurnHere, Yahoo Video, Veoh, Flickr, RockYou, PhotoBucket  or any other service of your choice. Simply copy and paste the HTML code below each other in the listing editor.
  • Absolutely cool: Ever wanted to provide your visitors some
    incentive for viewing and forwarding your properties?  RealBird and ValPak teamed up to provide local coupons to your visitors.
    Your visitors can map coupons in the vicinity of your property. With
    one click of a button, they can map the coupon locations and print a voucher.  RealBird Publisher is the industry’s first virtual tour service which includes these coupons from the nation’s biggest coupon distributor, ValPak.
  • Cross-market your blog on your listing fliers. RealBird will show your latest blog posts on your virtual tours, after your RealBird profile is updated with your blog’s RSS URL. The main concept of blog and syndication based marketing is that you want to effectively cross-market your content, whether it’s a marketing piece of a property, a neighborhood insight post or just musings/thoughts about your current interest. This is of course optional per listing; some sellers may want to keep the virtual tour with listing content only.
    Update your RealBird profile with your blog’s Url here
  • Social bookmarking and viral marketing. A whole set of social bookmarking services are available  from your virtual tour under the “Bookmark” button. More and more consumers are using or other online bookmarking services to save their favorite web sites and pages of interest. Benefits for you are significant: once your property is saved by a visitor with any of the social bookmarking services; your property information is “advertised” to others who regularly check these sites for new information. This may improve your SEO and can bring new eyeballs to your virtual tour. It also makes your tour more user-friendly by supporting the growing number of web surfers who rely solely on their social bookmarking services for organizing  their web favorites. Every virtual tour has a built-in “Email to Friends” tool to encourage viral marketing. You can use these tools yourself to forward your property fliers to your seller for review or to your prospective buyers.

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