Got feed? Create property websites automatically using your existing featured listings XML feed.

RealBird AutoPilotOver the years, real estate agents and brokers published and syndicated over 360,000 single property websites though RealBird. This is an amazing number of listings,  considering that all of these properties were manually entered on

While the RealBird listing management page was designed to be quick and easy to use and entering a listing only takes a minute or so, we also realized that for those who manage large inventory – e.g. brokers, offices and top producing agents – manual data entry and maintenance can be challanging on the long run.

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the new
RealBird® Listing Publisher™ AutoPilot service level.

With this new release, the RealBird listing marketing service levels are now as follows:

  • RealBird Free – Manage up to two active listings. No “sold” property websites, no rentals, no SMS marketing included. Ideal for agents with few listings a year or to try out RealBird’s capabilities before upgrading to a more advanced level.
  • RealBird PRO – Manage, market and syndicate unlimited listings, including “solds” and rentals. Requires manual data entry in the RealBird member area. Ideal for agents and brokers with average listing inventory and who are serious about getting the maximum out of online real estate marketing.Subscription fee is only $99/year.
  • New ! RealBird PRO AutoPilot – Manage, market and syndicate unlimited listings, including “solds” and rentals. Does not require manual data entry. RealBird can add and update your listings using your existing XML featured listing feed.Subscription fee starts at $299/year for individual agents or team of two. Contact us  for customized office/broker pricing which is based on the number of agents or the monthly listings you have.

How does the RealBird PRO AutoPilot service work?

Once your RealBird PRO account is upgraded to the AutoPilot level, the process is fully automated. The system will notify you every time a new listing is added or an existing one is updated on RealBird during the daily run. All the powerful features of the RealBird service are available for AutoPilot members and even better, you have the option to add custom content to your listings, should you want to customize your service.

Below is an example screenshot of one of Gina Tufano‘s emails. She receives these emails from the system, when new listings are imported into her RealBird profile, or when there are existing listings updated. Thank you Gina for letting us use your email and listings as an example

RealBird AutoPilot

As you can see on the picture above, there are “Preview” links that point to the automatically created RealBird property websites, links to optionally “Edit” the new or updated listings and one-click sharing buttons to make it easy for you to share your listings on your social networks. From here on, these listings are also automatically syndicated to real estate portals and SMS marketing keywords are also setup for them as well.

Should you be interested in upgrading to the RealBird AutoPilot service or if you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

— The RealBird Team

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