Kijiji is growing and so should your listing exposure

I received a phone call from Ryan Spoon today, the manager of the US portal of Kijiji is eBay’s classified ads portal. He informed us about the recent growth of Kijiji in terms of traffic and the number of posted classified ads.

I ran a report on and found that there were a significant jump in Kijiji’s traffic in June, 2007

Below are some charts comparing Kijiji with and (I excluded Craigslist, because they are still way bigger, than anybody else in terms of traffic and would make the chart unbalanced and hard to read)

See Kijiji’s jump (blue color) in terms of visitors in June-July:

The second chart below shows that in terms of engagement (pages/visit), Kijiji already passed the other compared sites:

The most interesting chart is the Daily Velocity: “Velocity reports the relative change in daily attention. Velocity is used to determine the relative growth of a domain over a particular timeframe or compared to other sites.” Kijiji clearly has a momentum now:

For our real estate members, this is important because:

  • eBay seems to be very serious about building a high traffic classified site
  • With the Listing Publisher, it takes only a few minutes per listing to post to Kijiji and according to this data, it will most likely result in more prospective buyers looking at your properties
  • While consumer traffic is growing, early adapters benefit, because Kijiji is not yet saturated with real estate listings and you may very well be one of the few agents posting your listing in your area

So login or register with RealBird for free and do your listings a favor. Post it on Kijiji for additional traffic. With RealBird it will take you only a few extra minutes per listing to do so.

— Zoltan Szendro

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