Map-based MLS Search widget integration – the right way

Continuing our case studies of the best RealBird implementations, I review two sites, which demonstrate innovative and effective ways of integrating the RealBird Map-based Search widget into their overall user experience.

What we like:

  • Deep integration in terms of content and graphical design
    The site has a consistent overall look and the RealBird service is an integrated part of it, across the whole site. The second option of the quick search methods on the homepage is powered by the RealBird Map-based Search service and the clean design drives user interaction to the desired result the fastest way possible. This is user experience engineering at its best.
  • Separate map-based search widgets for all cities
    The site is fully utilizing one of the key feature of our map-based search widget, i.e., the option to set up multiple maps for a certain geographic locations or search criteria. Every major neighborhood served has it’s own “quick search” page for searching by price, searching by map and market stats.

The service is using the NWMLS IDX feed.

See it for yourself

Steve Leung is using his popular real estate blog as the front end for his online real estate presence. This is a new trend among real estate websites and I believe this is where the industry is heading. Using a blogging platform with regularly updated hyper-local content delivers search engine traffic and provides information as a real, distinct value for visitors (vs. static, canned content pages of regular websites). Blogging platforms also enable collaboration with home buyers, sellers and prospects via comments and widgets and therefore significantly increases the user engagement. That eventually leads to better lead conversion. Steve integrates the RealBird Map-based Search widget as the MLS search tool under the “Search Inventory of Homes”. I love the simple but highly effective content design and the no non-sense approach to providing the value for home buyers and seller without overloading the site with irrelevant stuff and canned content. It’s focused and that ‘s why it works. screen shot

Both of the above examples demonstrate another feature of the RealBird Map-based Search service: RealBird works nicely with other IDX vendors.  Both Brian and Steve have set up the RealBird service in a way that  the “More Info” link in the property’s popup window leads to the IDX property detail page provided via their existing IDX vendor. Having such set up utilizes the easy-to-use, advanced user experience the RealBird Map-based Search widget provides, while providing more functionalities via the IDX backend (such as full details, property and search saving and notification services.) I think such integration of the full search cycle creates a perfect combination for great user experience.

The service is using the REIL IDX feed..

We are interested in your way of integrating the RealBird service into your blog and website. If you think, you are utilizing the service in a unique and effective way, drop us a email or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your success stories and to feature your site.

— Zoltan Szendro

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