Facebook sharing, real-time traffic, 3D flyovers, translations

We have released several updates for the RealBird Publisher property website builder and distribution service:

Market your property via your Facebook network

Your visitors and you can now share your property on Facebook; one of the fastest growing social networking site with over 25 million users. A neat feature of the Facebook sharing platform is that you can automatically post the photos and the property description without the need to re-enter them. Just click the “Share on Facebook” link, login to your Facebook account, add some optional comment and submit the form. Your listing will show up on your Facebook profile immediately for your network to see.

Facebook sharing, real-time traffic, 3D flyovers, translations

Real-time traffic overlay for the Google Maps

We also updated the embedded Google Maps service with Google’s real-time traffic overlay. While the coverage is limited to major metropolitan areas at this time, it is a great add-on for your visitors who are planning to take a drive and would like to see the traffic conditions around your property.

Facebook sharing, real-time traffic, 3D flyovers, translations

Updated private-labeled driving directions service

We also updated your branded, private-labeled driving directions service with the latest Microsoft Virtual Earth technology. The new interface now supports 3D, terrain flyover’s for both Internet Explorer and Firefox (on Windows). Your visitors can create driving directions to your property and visualize it on street map, satellite photo and on 3D maps. The printed driving directions also show your photo and contact information.

Facebook sharing, real-time traffic, 3D flyovers, translations

Property information in 10 additional languages

Every property website can now be automatically translated into 10 additional languages by your visitors. The translation is powered by Google’s automated translation service and while it is not perfect in some cases, it can provide a very valuable help for your international visitors.

Design customization

This new, beta feature enables full color theming of the fliers. The feature provides unlimited variations for flier design. Using a few special parameters in your listing website’s Url, you can match the background and the title color to your existing design or create new great looking, eye catching color themes. This feature is not yet supported by the RealBird membership interface, so it is promoted as an advanced, beta feature.

Facebook sharing, real-time traffic, 3D flyovers, translations

Facebook sharing, real-time traffic, 3D flyovers, translations

There are two background color options:

  1. Solid background color (use only one of the parameters – see below)
  2. Gradient background color (use two background color parameters – see below)

The following are the Url parameters. Use the hexadecimal RGB value of your desired colors :

  1. Background color 1
  2. Background color 2
  3. Title text color

For example:

Default link:


Custom theme:


You can change the hexadecimal color values to test different color themes.

And of course, if you need some help to match your existing website’s color theme, just drop us an email.

— Zoltan Szendro

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