New RealBird sighting

We received many questions asking about which sites the Featured Listings will be sent to if you use the RealBird Publisher.

The way syndication works is that information propagates from server to server and ends up being looked at by those who subscribe to syndication feeds on various sites using for example RSS, by people who search for those topics by keywords. This is a bit like word of mouth.  We let the information lose by informing some initial syndication servers, and the message cascades “organically” through the network, achieving a broad distribution very quickly.

What is also important to understand is that the information propagated through the syndication paradigm is also indexed by the “traditional”  search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and other web-crawlers.

The latest sightings of recently posted listings are on the Technorati site

Other sites who already aggregates and propagates your RealBird listings:

We’ll keep posting new sites with RealBird listings on this blog.

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