Outer Sunset houses for sale

One of the important features of the RealBird Publisher is the flexibility to add free-form content to your single property website, whether it is embedded media of any type or property description and neighborhood information. While it takes only a little extra time to enter description and neighborhood information, the benefits in terms of search engine results can be significant.

Outer Sunset houses for sale
Anna got it right ! — See this listing

GetClicky showed an interesting Google search referral yesterday.

A consumer searched for “Outer Sunset houses for sale” on Google and found Anna’s listing as the 2nd match on the first page. The consumer clicked through to the listing published via RealBird, and followed the link to Anna’s website. While we could not continue the tracking of the consumer’s activity on Anna’s 3rd party website, I have a feeling that an engaged user like this probably started to utilize her other services such as the RealBird Map-based IDX search widget on her site.

Outer Sunset houses for sale 2

By taking the time (only few minutes extra) to enter a meaningful description and neighborhood information for the property, Google rewarded the listing as a perfect match for this real-world query. By meaningful I mean something which is very specific for the property. Having the neighborhood described as “Outer Sunset”, which is specific to this particular San Francisco neighborhood, Google increased the relevancy mark significantly.

The great thing about it, is that a consumers searching for this particular term are more likely to have significant interest in this particular neighborhood and are already pre-qualified therefore, than consumers who searches for a more general term, such as “San Francisco real estate” for example.

GetClicky also shows, that the particular user clicked through to Anna’s website. While we do not have further information on the visitor’s engagement, this seems to justify the above statement, that is, a consumer with such specific term seems to be more pre-qualified and convertible to an actual lead.

Here are a few hints on how to best utilize the RealBird Publisher for search engine results:

1., Enter property description
You can start by copying and pasting the description from your MLS listing and modify the terminologies and sentences a bit to avoid duplicate content penalty (Google does not like duplicate content on different pages). Having an extra paragraph added and grammatically rearranging a few sentence will do the trick.

2., Enter neighborhood information
As described above, having neighborhood specific terms and descriptions included can increase your relevancy rank and the actual pre-qualification of visitors. Enter market statistics, census information and make sure you pick a neighborhood description which is well-known for your particular market.

3., Pick a good title
Just like with the above two items, the facility to enter a free-form title for your property can be a very valuable tool to highlight those search terms you’d like to be searched for.

4., Enter feature list
Again, it takes only a little time, but having at least 10 main and unique features entered per property can significantly boost your ranking. We use these tags not only to display information, but also as search engine keywords and as tags on 3rd party classified sites such as Edgeio.com

5., Enter your blog RSS feed for cross-marketing and SEO
If you have a real estate blog, make sure you update your RealBird profile with your blog’s feed. Our unique feature of listing your recent blog posts on your property site will surely help search engines with relevant outgoing links and indexable terms. You only have to enter the RSS feed on your profile page once and we’ll automatically include the latest posts from there on.

6., Keep it fluid
When utilizing the above features, always think about writing to real-world readers, not for search engines. Keeping this in mind will make it easy and quick to format your content. This benefits both consumers reading and search engines ranking your content.

7., Link in and out
RealBird enables you to add as many outgoing links to your content as you want. For example, you can link to your county site for further neighborhood info and to your 3rd party virtual tour or your corporate site for more listing information. We suggest that while entering as much information via RealBird as possible, also make sure, that you link to your existing MLS content or virtual tour (e. g. using the Virtual tour field or More Info field in the editor). On the same token, if you are using other platforms besides RealBird to market your listing, make sure, that you link to your RealBird listing. Having relevant sites chain-linked is another great way to increase your search engine results

All of these steps take only an extra couple of minutes per listing, but as demonstrated, they can increase your visibility in search engines significantly.

— Zoltan Szendro

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