Preview of the upcoming RealBird Featured Listings Board widget

We are still testing the new RealBird Featured Listings Board widget for your properties, but in the meantime here is a preview of how it will look like embedded in a blog post, as an example. The listing widget below is courtesy of Eric Schuell
Note: the iframe auto-resizing on this post currently only works with the latest browsers excluding IE 7 and 8.
function realbirdResize(e) { if (e.origin.indexOf(“”) > -1){var frame = document.getElementById(“realbird_widget_board_frame”); = parseInt( + 30 + “px”;}}if (window[“addEventListener”]) window.addEventListener(“message”, realbirdResize, false);if (window[“attachEvent”]) window.attachEvent(“onmessage”, realbirdResize);
You will have configuration options in the RealBird member area to turn on and off the view counter in the footer area, the social sharing buttons and also to generate distinct widgets for your active, pending, sold properties or the combination of these status.

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