The RealBird Inventory Board is now available for your listings

After a few weeks of beta testing, finally, the new RealBird Featured Listings Board widget joins the list of the updated RealBird inventory widgets (Featured Listings Map and Gallery) All of these now provide more advanced, modern presentations and smartphone and tablet compatibility. Use them on your websites, blogs or directly on your smartphones for your current inventory or showcase your recently sold listings.


Click the image for a live preview, courtesy of Janie Coffey

You can create your embed code in the RealBird Member area, on the Listing Widgets page. Just like with the Map and Gallery widget you have the option to create a Board widget for your active, pending and sold listings (or any combination of these) and you can turn the social media sharing buttons and the listing view counters on and off.

Another unique option specific to this widget is the auto-resize feature. If your blog or website allows the embedding of Javascript (e.g. self-hosted WordPress, Typepad etc.), this cool little feature will automatically set the height of your Board widget so that there won't be any vertical scrollbar showing along the board. Hence providing a much more smooth visual integration. For those platforms that do not support Javascript embedding, you can turn this default option off and set the widget height manually.

We'd love to see this new feature on your blogs and websites. Once deployed, please make sure you share your links with us. 

— The RealBird Team 



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