QR codes don’t have to be boring

We are launching the custom QR code maker tool for your RealBird listings soon. Here is a sneak peek and a few live examples of what you’ll be able to do:

Custom QR code by R


Custom QR code by RealBirdThe standard, smaller B&W ones are still available for free as part of RealBird PRO, but you will be able to soon get large, completely custom and eye-catching ones on RealBird.

We’ll have a comprehensive post about the many ways to use the RealBird QR codes for your real estate marketing, including QR code stickers, large custom codes and not only for your listing but on business cards, for your inventory, for market stats and more.

These QR codes point to actual listings on RealBird and are the courtesy of Jim Smith, Janie Coffey, Lizzy Lambert and Patrick K Smith. Scan them with your Android or iPhone (with the native photo apps) and see how well they work, even with these custom designs.a




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