RealBird on iPhone – Part 2

This is a quick follow-up on our previous announcement of the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone support. Below are some additional features:

Take your whole listing inventory on the road:
Bookmark your RealBird RSS feed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can flip through all of your featured listings, double tap the one to showcase and present details, unlimited photos, maps and directions. It’s so smooth.

On the iPhone, your phone number is automatically converted to a hotlink. By tapping on it, iPhone users can call you directly from your listing presentation page. Smooth, again !

We have changed the sweepstakes drawing date of the free iPod Touch to Sept 28, to the same day when Apple will start selling the product.

If you are reading this on your iPhone, see for an example Patti Lyles’s listings (RSS feed):

— Zoltan Szendro



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