Sold Listings Map widget released

Based on the popularity of the RealBird Featured Listings Map widget (for showing your active listings on an embeddable map), we have released a similar tool for your sold listings. Showing off your sold listings on your websites and blogs are important to encourage seller prospects to trust their listing on you. Showing them your sold listing portfolio will ensure them that you can actually deliver on your promise of selling their listings.

The Sold Listings Map widget is a powerful visual presentation of this marketing concept. See the example below showing the sold listings of Roland and Linda Hauhe on this widget

Rather than deleting your listings published via RealBird after they are sold, you can now update them with sold as the listing status and automatically show them via this new widget. You can of course enter sold listings directly by simple setting the listing status to sold, rather than active while creating the RealBird property website. Make sure, that you use the Publish feature for saving the listing. Sold listings are not syndicated to 3rd party classified sites, but setting the sold property site published will enable it on your new Sold Listings Map widget.

The widget can be scaled for any size via the configuration tool and can make a great sidebar widget on your blog or ActiveRain or a full screen map on your website or your blog post.

Stay tuned, some major updates are coming soon…

— Zoltan Szendro

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