Text code stickers for “empty flyer boxes”

We just received our sample order through Zazzle and we can confirm the SMS text code marketing stickers look great. This picture makes them look a bit bent but they are not, they are nicely printed on glossy paper.

Text code marketing sticker example

Get your own stickers for your flyer boxes and turn those empty boxes into 24×7 interactive real estate marketing tools:

  1. Create a RealBird PRO account (or sign in if you are a member already)
  2. Request the free text code marketing tool. Just email us and we’ll set it up for you for free. (If you already use the RealBird SMS text code marketing system, you can skip this step)
  3. Click through the link from your RealBird member area’s side bar or go directly to the sticker site
  4. Make sure that you customize the design before ordering, using the “Personalize this template” option on this page. You will be provided with the final design before ordering.

The RealBird SMS stickers cost less than $7+S/H  They are very affordable and a powerful marketing tool.

Text code enable your offsite marketing with RealBird today!


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