The SMS text code marketing integration with Twilio is updated

We just updated our related tutorial as well, but wanted to let you know that Twillio – our SMS platform provider – requires our so called webhook to be used with SSL, i.e. with https:// designation versus standard http:// as before. This may sound very technical so if you need help with a new setup or updating your existing one, just email us, we’ll assist you.

Here is a screenshot showing the proper Urls that has to be added to the the Twilio phone setup. Note that all RealBird Urls start with https://
RealBird SMS text code real estate marketing

What is RealBird SMS text code marketing?

With RealBird you can set up text codes (SMS codes), that consumers can text to a designated phone number and receive information about your property that you published on RealBird. You can also set up text codes for any web links, including home search results on your website, your YouTube real estate video channel, your Facebook business pages, Instagram feed, you name it… You can then use this designated phone numbers on sign riders, print brochures, banners and even on the RealBird landing pages and RealBird Open House sign-in forms. One of the main benefits of this marketing channel – besides the convenience of it – is that it immediately captures the lead’s caller ID for you, every time someone texts your code to your phone number.

Learn more about the RealBird text code listing marketing platform here and the RealBird SMS AnyLink feature.

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