Touch-free, Contactless Open House Sign-in App To Keep Everyone Safe During the Pandemic

Montage of the RealBird Touchless Open House Sign-In Form

As most states started to allow real estate open houses again with restrictions during the COVID pandemic, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines at open home events. In order to make the popular RealBird open house sign-in app touch-free and contactless, there is now a new version available in the member area, for all of your listings on RealBird, which instead of showing the sign-in form, shows a special QR code, that all of your visitors can scan with their Android or iOS native photo application easily. The QR code then loads the actual sign-in form on their own devices, which makes the whole process touch-free and a much faster as well.

How to get your contactless open house sign-in form?

If you are a member already, just log into RealBird and add a new listing or visit your listing’s marketing page. Under the “Open House Sign-in Form” section, you’ll see a new link, labeled “Touchless Open House Sign-In Form Page”and simply load that link on your computer, laptop or tablet.

If you are new to RealBird, please sign up here, upgrade to PRO and you can create your open house sign-in form in less than 5 minutes.

Where to use the new contactless sign-in form versus the regular one?

The contactless version of the open house sign-in app, with the QR code, should be used at offline places, where it’s convenient for visitors to take their phone out and scan the QR code, including at your open house displayed at the sign-in desk or your office window, if setup allows. For online lead generation via email and social media, you should use the regular RealBird open house sign-in app, with the actual form on, as most people will see that on the mobile phone already. But at physical locations, we highly recommend the new QR code based version as it is much faster and much safer to use.

Please reach out with questions and suggestions.

— The RealBird Team

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