Why Airbnb Hosts Are Looking For Longer Leases Now

Airbnb hosts have faced a torment of cancellations in the past weeks due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, this situation is likely here to stay for a long time, so hosts have started looking for alternative monetization strategies for their properties. One option that more and more hosts are considering is transitioning to longer leases to steady their cash flow.

Connecting Airbnb Hosts with Real Estate Professionals

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Airbnb hosts are used to the many professional services that Airbnb provides them for short-term rentals, and they will need help with from real estate professionals when transitioning to longer term leases. Finding and screening tenants is challenging for hosts and dealing with leasing terms, local laws, maintenance, complaints and handling moves also requires professional support.

We created a group to connect Airbnb hosts with real estate professionals to assist in transitioning. Join here for free

We believe that real estate professionals and Airbnb hosts can do much to support each other in these challenging times which is why we have started a Facebook group to facilitate communication.

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