Your best toolset for planting and growing your RE business in your online “garden” [Webinar Recording]

To grow vegetables in your garden you need tools: a shovel, rake, hoe. Similarly, to grow your real estate business and harvest leads online you also need tools. After a 2 week hiatus (he and his family had to evacuate their house due to a nearby forest fire in Utah) Erich has returned to our Friday webinars and today his webinar topic was how to make good use of the RealBird toolset to reach an audience of prospective home buyers and sellers.

In today’s online environment your potential clients will be dispersed over a fairly wide range of sites, from real estate portals to social media and various classified e-commerce sites. With RealBird you can market to such consumers not just  via the automatic syndication feature that is built-in, and which sends your listings to real estate syndication portals, but you can also reach buyers and sellers who visit social media sites, classifieds, or simply are searching for a property or an agent using Google or Bing.  In today’s webinar Erich gave an overview of how to do all this, with examples, using the various links and tools provided for landing pages, virtual tours, posting widgets,  texting and QR codes.  The recording is included below. You can also subscribe to our Youtube RealBird channel and get notified when new RealBird webinar recordings are posted.

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