Do you know what is annoying?

Empty flyer boxes, that’s what!

It’s one of those things, that is frustrating for your seller, for home buyers and for you, the listing agent as well. You won’t know about it, until your seller complains or you drive by the house and find out that way.

But there is an easy solution, that will for sure impress your seller, while also helping you capturing leads in the process.

Use SMS text code marketing sticker on your flyer box.

SMS real estate sticker for flyer boxes

Here are the steps and the insanely low cost it takes to say goodbye to empty flyer boxes forever:

  1. Sign up to RealBird PRO ($15 per month for unlimited listings with money back guarantee). Or log in if you are member already
  2. The SMS text code marketing is now free and included with your PRO membership (email us and we’ll set it up for you). Then submit your listing or use the RealBird SMS AnyLink service to create a SMS code for any(!) listing Url.
  3. Get the SMS call-for-action stickers here (only $6.95 for a sheet of 4, it’s practically free). Make sure you replace the first line on the sticker configuration screen with the SMS code set up in Step 2

This whole process takes literally only a few minutes and you can say goodbye to the dreaded empty flyer boxes issue right away.

What do you think? Will you be using this on your flyer boxes?



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