How to create dynamic SMS text code auto-responders with RealBird

SMS Real Estate Postcard

The RealBird SMS text code marketing app now let’s you add a so called “catch-all” wildcard link to your account. With this brand new feature, you can create dynamic SMS auto-responder lead magnets, which extends the capabilities of the RealBird SMS text code marketing by a magnitude. Let me explain:

You can use the SMS text code marketing and lead capture app for three distinct scenarios:

  1. For your own listingsRealBird creates a text code automatically for each of your listings published through RealBird. Optionally you can assign reusable codes for your listings.
  2. Custom codes for any content – You can also create custom SMS codes which can return any website links to customers, not just the RealBird listing sites. Use it for YouTube videos, hotlists, preset searches or even your own listings hosted on your own website…
  3. New – Wildcard SMS auto-responder – With this new feature, if a code that is texted to your SMS number doesn’t match any of your RealBird listing codes and none of your custom codes, RealBird will reply with your “catchall” wildcard Url. RealBird will also paste the code that it received by substituting a variable in your link. With this simple but effective new features, you can have dynamic content returned to your prospect – while capture the lead.

This is powerful! For example: You can now create an SMS text code lead capture tool for any listings on the MLS, customer can text any MLS number to you, RealBird attaches that code to your link before returning it and when the user clicks on that link on their mobile phone, your link will load that exact MLS listing. Or, you can send out postcards to your farm, asking them to text their zipcode (or any other for that matter) to your SMS number and the zipcode will be attached to your wildcard link and when clicked, that link can load all the recent sales within that area. With the wildcard option now, you can literally create hundreds of dynamic real estate lead magnets with RealBird. Only your imagination is the limit.

Best of all? This is now a free add-on to your RealBird PRO service, which starts at only $15 per month.

To get started:

  • Register with RealBird and upgrade to PRO (or login if you are already a member)
  • If you don’t have the SMS text code marketing set up yet, request it in the members. We’ll set it up for you right away, for free.
  • Under the “Text Code Marketing” option, add your wildcard Url including the variable  [[rb-textcode]]. This is the variable that will be substituted on the fly with the code that the consumer texted you.

For example[[rb-textcode]] would be replaced with if consumer texts the zipcode of 95060 to your SMS number. And yes, you can actually use or or your MLS public search for these. While they may have competing agents listed on those sites, with the RealBird SMS text code marketing, you’ll receive the leads first and upfront !!!

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