How to use your own Twilio phone number for the RealBird SMS Text Code Marketing App

We now provide the RealBird SMS Text Code Marketing App for your real estate listings as a free add-on. There isn’t any setup required by you, just request this add-on and we’ll configure it for you. You can pick your area code and we’ll assign a local phone number for your account, leased to you for as long as you are RealBird PRO member.

There are two options:

Request a setup from the member area and we’ll take care of the rest.

This is a free add-on for RealBird PRO members and this is the recommended option. We pay for the local phone number which is leased to you for free for as long as your are a member and we pay for the messaging cost of 100 leads per months as well.

Continue to use your own, existing Twilio number

We continue to support the existing, legacy Twilio setups with RealBird, should you have riders and other printables using your own Twilio number. However, recent changes on how autoresponders works on various networks, there is now an additional set up step required

Unless you currently use a toll-free Twilio number, you will have to set up one to send the responses from. So you can use your local number, but responses are sent from your Twilio toll free number. To do so, please log into Twilio and get a toll-free number at as shown on the picture below

How To - Twilio Toll Free Number Search

Select the Advanced Search option on this page and check Toll-Free and click Search.

To complete the setup, please email us your two phone numbers on Twilio, your local phone number that received the texts and this new toll-free number that will be used to respond. We’ll take care of the rest.

As mentioned above, we recommend that you transition to our new, free platform, but if for legacy reasons, you are still using the local phone number on Twilio with your RealBird service, this one time, additional step is now required.


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