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We had so many new features released with the RealBird Listing Publisher 3.0 that we did not have time and space to elaborate on each of them just yet. In upcoming posts, I will introduce the unique concepts behind many of them, including team marketing, new SEO features, virtual open homes and using viral marketing widgets in unusual ways. Let’s start with one of our favorites: Altos Research charts  embedded in your single property websites. 

Through Altos Research powerful charts and reports your visitors can receive an instant and visually meaningful insight of the local market condition, right on your single property website, with an easy way to contact you for the full market intelligence report. It’s a perfect mix of information transparency and lead capturing.

The core value of listing syndication is that you push your listing information a few click closer to online locations where the actual home buyers and sellers hang out. You reach out for them using technology, rather than sit back and wait for them to come on their own. It is proactive marketing at its best. The RealBird Listing Publisher – with the integrated MLS search and now with the embedded market intelligence charts – syndicates more than just your listing, it delivers your other real estate services and your value-adds to the edge of the Internet, using your current, active listing as a delivery mechanism.

This is such an important feature, that it certainly deserves a more detailed feature overview. Scott from Altos Research created the presentation below explaining the benefits of the integrated RealBird and Altos Research offerings and the feature set of their full subscription services.

As a special offer, they provide a 25% discount for RealBird members.

— Zoltan Szendro

Disclaimer: We receive referral commission from Altos Research if you buy their services through us. Having that disclosed, I strongly suggest that you consider their full offerings over the free charts embedded in your RealBird sites. I can’t imagine any buyer or seller who would not be totally blown away with the market insight you can provide through your Altos Research services.

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