Street View API released – 28 hours later we are online

Google finally released the Street View API  yesterday. It is pretty neat, although it came short of my expectation of allowing 3rd parties to add hotspots and flash media into the Panorama itself. Maybe with their next release. Nevertheless, the API is clean and powerful and even allows animation controlled from Javascript. We’ve been promoting Street Views embedding into single property websites and blogs for real estate estate neighborhood presentations, but from now on, the API eliminates the need for the manual tasks.

Hopefully, Google will speed up the addition of new cities. Through the new API implementation, new coverage will be automatically added to the RealBird listing websites, even if coverage is currently unavailable.

This is indeed a great, great feature for real estate. I bet, many new applications will pop-up now that the API is available. Check out the RealBird examples below to see how powerful this new neighborhood tool is when integrated into single property websites.

Denver, CO auction – check out the bargain alert also !

Denver home for sale

Boise, ID single family home

Boise, ID home for sale

— Zoltan Szendro

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  1. Pamela,
    Thanks for checking in ! Always great to see the Google Maps API team reading our blog. We have great feedback from our real estate members. They are very visual and the speed and intuitiveness of your Street View compared to previous attempts by other vendors is a winner.
    — Zoltan Szendro

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