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In the on-going effort to add even more exposure to your listings advertised through RealBird, we have created a simple, but fast and easy-to-navigate website to browse among all the RealBird single listing websites.

It’s a no thrill interface, but I really like the ease of use and fast navigation. See it for yourself

Link to if you dare so that search engines notice it faster.

There is much to do on this site, such as options for search, related neighborhood info, agent yellow pages, RSS feeds per locations etc., but I believe it is already a nice addition to the map-based search option we have been providing since last August.

Stay tuned for new distribution partners and new features to be announced soon: Subscribe to the blog feed

— Zoltan Szendro

Note: While this listing search interface has non-intrusive advertising on the top and bottom, your single property websites never do.

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