Give it up to Mike Lefebvre – the ActiveRain video contest winner

Great amateur video production and out-of-the box listing marketing using real estate video on YouTube. I would not be surprised if he continues producing more videos and creates a series of this for his future listings.

— Zoltan

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  1. Thanks guys! My contention has always been that there are simply not enough rubber chickens in real estate marketing. Seriously though, for this house at the open houses I “hide” the chicken and explain to the kids of the parents coming through that there is a clue hidden somewhere in the home and offer a small prize when they find it. It’s usually on a bed somewhere and not too tricky to find, but it gives the kids something fun to do and the parents appreciate me keeping them engaged. Like your site and have subscribed to your feeds.

  2. Awesome job on this video. Most real estate videos are boring although this one was very entertaining. Any tips on editing software to do a well thought out video like this one? I just got the ‘ultra flip camera’ which I HIGHLY recommend for ease in shooting clips for YouTube. Thanks!

  3. Yes, Mike got something right here ! I guess they have somebody with video production background on the team. Ashton, I suggest to contact Mike directly and see if he can help with details on how the movie was done.
    Thanks for checking in again.
    — Zoltan

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