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Imagine what your current and future sellers’ reaction will be when you present them a stack of high-quality, beautiful business card size color prints with their property photo, property features and street address domain names on it. Now imagine that you have hundreds of these cards and you can leave them at business card boxes at Starbucks and other public places, at open homes, you can distribute them through your sellers or show these listing cards at listing interviews. Or you may drop off a few at the seller’s neighbors. Listing cards are complimentary marketing tools to your standard letters-size listing flyers and while they serve the same purpose, listing cards can reach advertising hubs that a flyer size presentation can not. There is no way that you can leave large flyers laying around at local coffee shops and restaurants unless you have a permission or association with the owner, but you can easily leave listing cards around at different places without any disturbance.

Standard business cards are boring. Most likely, there are dozens of other agents advertising their general contact information and canned pitch at the same place and from the consumer perspective, they all look the same. When hiring an agent, besides the power of referrals, the most important thing a client will look at is what you can do for them. A listing card delivers this message immediately (at least in terms of listing marketing) while a standard business card with your name and contact info does not.

The benefits of using listing cards are the following:

  1. They can get more buyer leads, because they can reach local advertising hubs (coffee shops, restaurants etc.) that standard larger flyers can not
  2. They communicate your commitment of providing advanced listing marketing, hence increasing your chance of winning new listings
  3. They also promote YOU, not just your current listings
  4. They work even after you sold the property as they will keep bringing traffic to your sold single property websites which will present the new prospects all the magic you can do for them if they list with you.

Creating great looking listing cards is actually very easy, quick and cost effective:

For less than $50 you have a stunning and effective marketing tool in your hand. Go and impress your sellers.

Our favorite providers are below, they have different offerings, so make sure you check all of them out:


Memorable & Unique business cards
In association with

Moo: Minicards and stickers with really cool card holders

Zazzle: Real US postal stamps with your listing photo, bumper stickers and more for more out of the box experience

VistaPrint: One of the biggest online printing outlet with more standard offerings, but with deep discount and free test prints

One more thing, make sure to keep a few of each listing card to yourself, so that over time, you can build up a portfolio you can show to new sellers.

— Zoltan Szendro

Thanks for the inspiration from Mirela Monte, Jannie Coffey and Tina Merritt, three very smart real estate professionals and expert marketers.

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