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For those of you who missed our email newsletter yesterday, below is our announcement of the updated RealBird single property website platform. There are many new features and improvements and we are going to post tutorials and best practices – feature by feature – in the upcoming weeks.


Example 1: Property website courtesy of Janie Coffey

Fully compatible with the previous version

This service is fully backward compatible with the previous RealBird platform: nothing additional for you to learn and it is just as easy to use as before.

New layout and typography

We wanted to make sure that even lower-end properties look luxurious when published through RealBird. The new layout, typography and formatting aims to achieve that. We made sure, that the fonts, colors, paragraph spacing etc – all deliver pleasing visual presentations, even with our default theme.

Furthermore, the new default overview page is now less map focused. Instead, it shows concise modules of all property information on the first page: photos, main information, description, location etc.. This leads to better consumer engagement and increased page views and therefore more leads.

Even better SEO and faster page load

While we already had one of the best SEO results in the industry, we made many more improvements with this release: HTML tags are more search engine optimized, more pages are added for even deeper cross linking and load time is improved. While many of these optimizations are hidden from the end-user and are mainly in the background, cumulatively they are going to improve search engine visibility significantly: Within two days of this new platform going live, Google has twice as many pages indexed then before – more than 700,000 across all property websites and growing !

More default and custom pages

We added more auto-generated content to your property websites including Walk Score® and Walkability map (US only), demographics (US only), lead capture form under Open House Dates for scheduling private showing, Facebook Listing Page widget and more. You can also add another custom page under the main menu and a second one under the Property Updates section. Together with the existing custom pages options, you can now have 4 custom pages per property website. This can further help with SEO and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Better lead capture user interface

Based on what we learned from the RealBird Property Search lead capture form approach, the single property websites have now inline forms on the page itself, rather than the old pop-up version. We also added a new lead capture form to the Open House Dates section. If you do not have upcoming open house dates added to your listing, the site will now show a "Schedule Showing" form for your visitors, leveraging this additional page as another lead capturing form. 

Integrated Facebook Listing Page widget

There is another page added under the "Property Updates" section of your property website. If you connected your Facebook account with RealBird and "Liked" your property, a Facebook Listing Page is generated and you became the admin of it. We are now automatically embedding the social plugin of this Facebook Page into your property website and when you add status messages to this Page via Facebook (e.g. open house dates, new photos etc.) they are automatically presented on your single property website as well.

Print flyer and driving directions improvements
Both the built-in driving directions and printable flyer are greatly improved. Your private labeled driving directions tool now uses Google's latest mapping engine and provides not only driving directions but walking and bike routes as well. The new print flyer is much nicer than before and it is formatted in a way that you can print it from your browser on a single page. Assuming that you have nice photos uploaded and property print description added to the listing, this feature may very well eliminate the need for paying for print flyers at a design shop. (Use Google Chrome as a browser for this printable flyer feature – it does not add the url, date, page number etc. to the header and footer of the printout)

More configuration options

Based on previous feedbacks, we now make it easy to turn individual features on and off if they do not serve your marketing goals. In rare cases, Google StreetView does not represent the property in a positive way. Or the Walk ScoreR of the property is too low. You can now turn these and other options on and off individually per listings or set them via your global settings page. By default, all of these features are enabled but you can now control features per property sites.


Example 2: Property website courtesy of Larry Brzostek

The new platform is an automatic update for all RealBird property websites so all you have to do is publish new listings as usual and within minutes, your site is up and ready for promotion.

We hope you like this new platform as much as we do. Stay tuned for tutorials and posts about best practices to learn how to best utilize RealBird

— The RealBird Team 

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