Over One Million RealBird Pages Indexed By Google

Within two weeks of the new RealBird property website platform launch, we reached an amazing milestone yesterday. There are now over one million RealBird pages in the Google index ! Prior to this platform update, the count was less than 400,000. That's more than doubling the pages in the index in less than two weaks! I am not sure what your own Google search will show you for the same query, but the screenshot below shows a recent SERP from my location.

1 million RealBird pages


Also note the video thumbnails for many of the property websites. We wrote about this stunning SEO surprise before - i.e. RealBird property websites being listed with video thumbnails – and it seems that Google is now picking up the thumbnail enhanced listings even faster than before.

So far, all looks very good !!!

— The RealBird Team

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