Eco-friendly homes – How to add green home search to your website and blog

Reblogged from our ActiveRain blog, below is a quick tutorial on how to set up a niche property search for your Earth Day celebration post tomorrow:


Tomorrow (April 22) is Earth Day, which is a great occasion for our next example about different, creative ways to utilize the new RealBird Property Search service.

How about creating a preset search for your market with listings filtered by the keyword eco-friendly? Once you have it configured (in less than a minute) you can share it on Twitter, Facebook and other networks including ActiveRain. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s useful and it’s for a great cause. On the right, I embeded CJ Braisel‘s Earth Day search widget for the San Jose area.

This is what you need to accomplis this for your own market:

  1. Login to your RealBird account or sign up here for free
  2. After login, on the landing page, change the default search criteria of the widget configuration. Extend distance to let’s say 50 miles from your primary location
  3. Enter “eco-friendly” into the keyword field. Without the quotes.
  4. Click “Generate Widgets and Link”
  5. The widget codes and permalink is now updated and you’ll see the preview instantly

At this point, you can do many different things to let the world know.

Share it on ActiveRain
  1. Grab the widget code you just generated in Step 5 and paste it into a new ActiveRain post using the HTML tab on the editor, make sure you add a search engine friendly title to the post (using targeted keywords in the title like Earth Day, eco-friendly, your market city, state etc.)
Share it on Twitter
  1. For this you will have to copy the permalink for the preset search (in step 5) by clicking the “Full screen version” tab on the RealBird configuration tool
  2. Open another window and go to to shorten this Url. Just paste the permalink you copied in the previous step and generate a short Url for it.
  3. Post this short link to Twitter with whatever message you’d like but make sure that you use the words Earth Day spelled out and the Twitter tag #earthday It is a trending topic and you want to be among those posts !
Share it on Facebook
  1. You can use the link you copied from the “Full screen version” section of the RealBird configuration tool and post it as a link on your Facebook profile or as a status update.
Share it below as a comment

Feel free to share your eco-friendly neighborhood RealBird search widget below. I suggest that you use a good anchor text, like “City, State eco-friendly homes for sale” and use the permalink you copied from RealBird under the “Full Screen Version” tab as the link itself.
Say hello to a bird for us tomorrow.
— Zoltan

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