Rental marketing with RealBird

We are not sure if it's due to some new market trends or just a change in our usage pattern, but we noticed that there are more and more rental properties listed on RealBird recently. Based on this fact and due to the requests from many of our power users, you can now mark a property "Rented" 

This is a good practice for keeping the property website live in order to maintain SEO and for past inventory marketing. This was available for for-sale properties before – i.e. you could change their published status from Active to Pending and to Sold – but now it is also available for rental properties. 

The steps are simple: 

  1. Make sure your listing is either "Residential Rental" or "Commercial Rental" type 
  2. Select the "Sold/Rented" status in the RealBird editor.

Below is an example of a single property website of a recently closed rental in Miami


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