Some SEO Coolness – Condos Fulton MO

RealBird property sites rank great in search engines for listing addresses and for many long tail keywords, but we often run into generic, targeted search terms for which the RealBird sites rank amazingly well too. 

See an example below: a RealBird listing website ranking #5 (from my CA location) on Google for the amazingly general "condos fulton mo" search (without the quotes). In this particular instance and as of right now, the RealBird property website is ranked above, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle and many other large real estate portals.

I noticed this morning via Clicky Spy, a click-through from Google to the following Fulton, MO condo for sale by Sherry Abbott. While we see a lot of Google traffic every day (in fact, over a quarter of all traffic is from search engines), this particular one popped out in the live report this morning, because it was such a generic term: Condos Fulton MO 

Here is the screenshot of the Clicky Spy record:


And here is the screenshot of the 5th position on Google.
Note that Google search is a dynamic system and rankings may change over time and may depend on other factors too, such as your location, browsing history etc. but right now, the RealBird listing site is at the 5th position.


Also note that Google highlights the location and the keyword Condo in the title, in the excerpt and also in the RealBird property site's Url, which is important for achieving actual click-throughs.

Last but not least, here is Sherry's Fulton, MO condo for sale on RealBird.

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  1. LOL! You’ve now trumped the search term ‘Condos Fulton MO’ with this blog post (Position #2); RealBird is always excelling in Real Estate with new tools and marketing techniques..
    ‘Kaizen’ baby and keep up the great work!!

  2. True. This post now beats the subject property on RealBird for the same keyword 🙂 And our sharing on is high up too. I’ll edit the post so that it links more prominently the her RealBird listing so even if somebody now arrives to this post can easily navigate to her listing

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