How to get thousands of weekly visitors to your real estate blogs and listings

We wrote about our most favorite social media marketing automation tool before, it’s called Missinglettr. We use the service for automating our marketing for this blogs’ articles, for our ActiveRain blog, for featured listings shared through RealBird and for other blogs that we run.

Before I explain how to best utilize Missinglettr for your own blogs and listing marketing, here is our last week’s stats. M

Missinglettr Click Through Stats For Last Week

Since we started to use them a year ago, we have received 12,517 clicks from social media without lifting a finger (other than initial setup). Just in the last 7 days 1,963 visitors arrived to the RealBird featured listings sites, 2,143 to our featured rental website and an additional 362 to our ActiveRain blog. Additional report shows (not pictured above) another 420 visitors to this blog. These are amazing numbers, all due to Missinglettr’s marketing automation platform.

How does Missinglettr works?

Using Missinglettr is easy. Their starter plan (individual) is $27/month and their unlimited plan (business) is $97/plan. I’ll explain the difference below, but first let’s see the general workflow and benefits:

After creating an account with them, next step is to connect your social media account. You can then add one or more of your blogs or RSS feeds to your account, depending on the service plan you choose. That’s all you need to do for the initial setup. Simple and straightforward. And this is where the magic starts.

Missinglettr on a regular basis and automatically checks your blog and/or RSS feeds and creates a so called campaign for new articles or items, such as new listings in your feed. Every time there is a new campaign created – e.g. after you posted a new blog article or listed a new property – Missinglettr sends you an email. All you have to do is click through to approve the campaign. Each campaign has multiple drip shares pre-created for you and their smart content analyses system creates various media assets, call for actions texts, callout bubble graphics for all the future sharing. With a few clicks and in less than a minute, you can approve the campaign and off it goes. Missinglettr will automatically share and reshare your new article or listing for a year (or whatever schedule you selected).

One of the uses cases that we really like is using Missinglettr with your RealBird RSS feeds. Your active, pending, sold and coming soon listings and rentals all have their distinct RSS feed that you can add to Missinglettr. When you add/update a listing on RealBird, your RSS feed is updated, Missinglettr picks up these changes, creates a campaign for the new listing and ready to go and emails you and once approved with a few clicks, the automated drip marketing of your listing begins. No more manual sharing, is required: Missinglettr will continuously market your property for a year.

Here is the summary on how to get started:

  1. Start your free trial at Missinglettr
  2. Connect your social media profiles
  3. Depending on your service level, add one or multiple blogs and listing RSS feeds to your account
  4. Write a new post on your blog and/or publish your listings on RealBird as usual
  5. Missinglettr emails you the new campaign to approve
  6. Approve the campaign with a few clicks
  7. Sit back and watch hundreds of new visitors delivered to your sites and listings in the upcoming weeks and months

Should you have questions on how to utilize this service, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Real Estate Marketing!

— The RealBird Team

Full disclosure: we are an affiliate of Missinglettr and we may profit if you sign up with them. 

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