Listed on RealBird, Pinned on Pinterest, Embedded in a Blog Post

Are you using Pinterest to save your favorite web destinations and your properties on RealBird? If you do, there is now another way to promote your RealBird listing websites together with your Pinterest profile:

  1. We added a the Pinterest button to the bottom sharing bar of your RealBird property websites. Use that or your Pinterest browser bookmarklet to pin your own RealBird listings on one of your Pinterest boards
  2. Once pinned, click on the listing photo and Pinterest will show a lighbox of your shared photo, your description, re-pins etc. and also a set of sharing buttons on the right
  3. Click the "Embed" button
  4. Copy and paste the code into your blog post (HTML view of the editor) and you are done.

Real estate property pins on Pinterest

The result of one my RealBird pins is shown below. The listing information and property website is courtesy of Brian Sheridan Merrick. Note the link to the RealBird listing website and to my Pinterest profile below the image:

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