Top 25 RealBird users and referral stats

RealBird Listing Publisher stats

We did some digging in the log reports (Google Analytics and Clicky) to see how different 3rd party classifieds sites (the ones RealBird distributes your listings to) compare in terms of referral traffic. The numbers are based on the unique visitor referral traffic, relative to each

RealBird referral ads

  1. Craigslist – 26% – Manual posting only takes a few
    minutes per listing using the HTML code  and instructions provided by
    RealBird. This is a must have for anybody serious about online listing marketing and RealBird makes it very easy and quick for
    you to do so.
  2. Trulia – 22% – It’s automatic. Just post your listing on RealBird and it appears on Trulia with no additional actions required
  3. Edgeio – 19% – Automatic distribution.
  4. – 17% – Automatic distribution.
  5. Google – 7% – Automatic distribution. Includes referrals from Google Base, Google  organic search results and Google Maps.
  6. Oodle – 5% – Automatic distribution.
  7. Backpage – 1% – Manual posting only takes a few minutes per listing using RealBird’s code.
  8. – 1% – Automatic distribution. RealBird’s recently released real estate yellow pages, property and home valuation portal
  9. Lycos – 1% – Automatic distribution.
  10. IceRocket – 1% – Automatic distribution.

Craigslist requires a little extra time (1-2 minutes per listing) to manually post to and the code provided for RealBird listings makes it very easy and effective. Just publish your listing with RealBird, upload the property photos and click “Post it on Craigslist”. The HTML code is automatically generated and following the 4-step instruction, you can be done in minutes from start to finish. Get the attention your listings deserve.

RealBird Map-based MLS Search stats

Below is a list of the top 25 RealBird members based on the number of unique visitors on their RealBird Map-based MLS search widget (within the last month). Please note, that  the high traffic is most likely due to the fact, that their websites or blogs receive a lot of traffic anyway, but following the best practices of how to deploy the RealBird service can improve usability and visibility and therefore can generate more leads. We thought we congratulate them by listing their websites and help others to see how to best utilize the RealBird Map-based IDX search service. We keep the exact numbers confidential as it may be their trade secret. The list is in alphabetical order.

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— Zoltan Szendro

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